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The ARM-N8-LW is a Radio Frequency (RF) radio module, that has been designed to offer high radio performances, low power consumption and large variety of radio technologies. This radio module can be powered with a battery and is optimized to get the lowest power consumption possible. This allows users the added beneift to be able to create and develop battery powered devices. With the correct batteries and configuration, this module can be used up to 10 years without changing batteries.

This powerful device has a range further than 22km in light of sight, it can go a further range of 25km.

The ARM-N8-LW radio module is pin to pin compatible, this allows users to get different communication possibilities without having to redesign their hardware.

There are many applications user can avail from this module, including the Internet of Things (IoT), the Environment, Intelligent structures, Alarms and wireless security sensors etc.

This device uses RAM structure to work. EEPROM structures are utilised in this device to store user configuration. These structures can be accessed with AT commands.

There are various functions this device is capable of using. All to suit your needs as a user. There are three core functioning states for this radio module: Normal functioning mode, command mode and test mode.

For more information please refer to our data sheet and user guide which explains in further detail of how our device works.